The House

Remember that time we bought a house? Of course you don't, because this would be the first! We are so excited about our little blue bungalow and all of it's adorableness! The decision to buy came a mere six months after renting our first home. Being "half way homeowners" wasn't right for us, the frustrations that come with not being able to change things or fix things in our own (undoubtedly) faster time frame are pretty unbearable. 

The three bedroom, one bath was the perfect cozy start for us. We're especially excited about the huge yard and original hardwood floors! I can't wait to share all of our progress while we make this house a home. Stay tuned!

PS. If you're buying in the Charlotte area, I highly reccomend Bethany Mitchell with Keller Williams. She's fantastic and made the experience as smooth as possible.

Sara BrownComment