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Impromptu Bathroom Renovation I

Being a homeowner is fun. Fun, being in that I can smash up hideous bathroom tile with a hammer and not be taken to court over it (I've never been taken to court for smashing up a rental, this is just an example of all my new freedoms!). "But Sara? You've only been talking about the kitchen, when did this happen?" Well, it all started when I decided I couldn't take the existing moldy, deteriorating bathroom cabinet another day and hopped right on the GODMORGON train. Upon further investigation (about 5 minutes before impulsively ripping out the cabinet), I realized that our plumbing was coming out of the floor and not from a discreet hole in the wall. Awesome sauce.

After admitting to myself that I wasn't cut out for this suddenly not so simple switch, I called upon my awesome friends! I suggest always having a few plumbing inclined/carpenter whiz buddies in the mix, they just make life interesting.

The cabinet came apart pretty easily, probably due to all of the water damage from it's loose and leaky faucet. The previous owners skipped tiling under the cabinet, which led us to our new (way sooner than anticipated) bathroom floor. Other than that, we needed to extend the pipe in the floor about 5 inches so that it would sit flush to the wall. A floor joist stopped us from being able to hide it inside the wall. It stinks, but I'm pretty sure those joist things are structural.

This is what was underneath the layers of ceramic tile, cement board, linoleum, and plywood. Hardwood floors! My heavens, if you didn't have so many gaping holes in you, I would've let you stick around. All of those layers of floor had created a two inch step up into the bathroom. Now that everything is level, I can look forward to not stubbing my toe every time I take a shower. It's definitely come a long way in here since this was taken a few short weeks ago, can't wait to share the after!