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IKEA Stockholm 2017 - My Favorite Pieces

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If you haven't had a chance to scope out IKEA's Stockholm Collection for 2017, you need to stop what you're doing right now and look. Dramatic? Maybe. Necessary? Definitely. I recently left my position as one of the company's trusty visual merchandisers, and with that, my all-time favorite perk of seeing new items months (and months and months) in advance. Having to wait with the rest of the general public is torture, but this wait was so worth it! Here are some of my favorite items from, in my opinion, the most exciting collection to come about for some time. Stockholm, 2017 baby.

So, are you drooling yet? Before you go and get yourself a napkin, here's a link to the rest of it (because why get up twice, right?). The collection is available starting April 2017. Is it April yet?

Happy lusting!

- Sara


On Trend - Hat Displays

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I'm gonna be the first to admit that I am by no means a "hat person." It's not even that they don't look good on me, really mediocre at best, but that I'm a definitive creature of habit and I like to keep it simple. Plus, if I've taken the time to blow dry my hair, I'm sure as hell not covering that up. That being said, I'm loving the whole hats for display purposes trend! I myself have been known to hang a cowboy hat or two on my walls, but these wonderful vignettes take this look to a whole different level. Hat game strong!

I'm excited to utilize this trend and make use of the hats I've paid for and never wear. What do you think of these hat display ideas? Will you be filling up your walls with stetsons any time soon?