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About The Burrowing Bee


Well, hello there! I'm Sara, but my friends call me Bee. If you're reading this, then you've officially been sucked into the inner workings of my design obsessed brain. My love for interior design started around the age of 7, when I began insisting on rearranging my bedroom every week. My dresser was never in the same spot long enough to leave even the slightest indentation on the orange shag carpet and my parents had to quickly invest in furniture slides when they installed the hardwoods. I got my first subscription to Architectural Digest at thirteen, and from there it was all over. After graduating from High Point University with a BS in Interior Design, I put my love for color and composition to the test with a career in visual merchandising, working with well known brands like Furnitureland South and IKEA.

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The Burrowing Bee first came about in 2011 as a creative outlet and homage to everything design. It's ever evolved since then, with the purchase of my first home, a 1940s bungalow in dire need a fix-up. The learning curve has been fun, exciting, and of course at times frustrating. In a couple short years, I've DIY'd everything from tiling the kitchen backsplash to creating faux concrete countertops.  If you stick around, you'll get to see all kinds of things I stumble upon and fall in love with, from fashion to type, architecture to artwork.
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